Vital Statistics

Population: 28,493,205
Atmosphere: Breathable Mix
Temperature: Variable Temperate
Biosphere: No Native Biosphere
Tech Level: Good
Languages: Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese
Capital: Svyatilishche (Syvat)
Faction: Empire of Light

Blazzel’s Guide to the Galaxy

Piece of advice: only spoogfish call the place Svatilishche. If you don’t want to get taken for a ride, be sure to call the place Syvat.

Home to the Temple of the Red Sun, pilgrims from all over the Empire of Light, and some from the Crimson Star territories, come here to pay tribute to Kepp, the Warrior God. As you can imagine, the place can be dangerous, since the followers of Kepp are more likely to draw a knife than talk through a problem. Also, having no native biosphere, the planet was geoengineered years ago, and the local flora and fauna are dangerous and hostile by design, the better for followers to hunt.

Unless you can handle yourself in a fight or have a death wish, I recommend that you stay away from Lebedev.

Only the dead know the truth
Smell of death everywhere


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