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Game Overview/System Notes

We’ve switched to Fate! Although Fate has been used for more cinematic games, it can also be toned down and used for harder games. However, as written, it’s a fairly balanced game: it doesn’t take much to be taken out, and you’re competent without being superheroic.

Most of what makes Fate work is Aspects, story elements that you use for bonuses. You create Aspects, tag Aspects, discover Aspects, etc. Because Fate works differently than other game systems, I’m hoping that you all will get the chance to ask questions in the forum.

Setting Notes

Below are some general, random setting notes to get a better feel for the world/game.

General feel
The game is Imperial sci-fi. For those of you that can remember the books, it would be like the Foundation series by Asimov, except taking place after the fall of the empire. Humanity expanded into the stars, and over time, through wars, plagues, religions, etc, created little pocket empires. There’s the haves and the have-nots, divided up by the level of relative technology that exists in each planetary sector.
This is the most common weapon you will find for one reason: they’re fixable virtually anywhere in the sector.
Out thinking opponents
Fate is less a numbers game, and more of a tell-an-awesome-story game. You get ahead by being clever. I’ll go over the basics during character creation, but the game rewards you for being awesome.
Make a planet!
There are 21 systems in the sector, and I’ll be making them up as I go along, however if any of you want to make a planet, go for it. Come up with an interesting idea and we’ll work out the Skills and Aspects of it. I’ve started a sample planet in the forums so you can see how it plays out.

Planetary Systems

0403 Snowhaven
0501 Lebedev

Main Factions

There are three main factions in the sector: the Empire of Light, the Crimson Star Federation, and the Pogata. Each area of power has been marked on the map. The area outlined in red are the Wilds, planets unaffiliated with either the Empire, the Federation, or the Pogata.

And then there’s Ravenholm. We don’t go to Ravenholm…

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