Vital Statistics

Population: 375,928
Atmosphere: Breathable Mix
Temperature: Cold
Biosphere: Immiscible
Tech Level: Fair
Languages: Russian, Japanese
Capital: –
Faction: Independent

Blazzle’s Guide to the Galaxy

Welcome to Snowhaven! This planet of ice is home to the legendary Snowhaven Psionic Institute, where only the most elite are allowed in to train due to the population control laws.

The psionic institute has a history dating back to the pre-Fall era and is home to one of the most extensive libraries regarding psionics. However, the Library is off-limits to off-worlders.

In order to survive the harsh, cold environment, the colony on Snowhaven consists of seven domed cities, each ran by a different Mayor. The Mayor of each city is responsible for the health and well being of all his citizens.

If you go there, be careful: wasting food resources or water is a capital offense, which could end in your execution. And remember to compost your scraps to help grow a new generation of food!

Waste not, want not
Knowledge is forbidden… or for sale
It’s always cold


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