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Game Overview/System Notes

Stars Without Number Revised Edition is the updated version of Stars Without Number. Based heavily on classic old-school mechanics (think D&D 1st Edition).

Setting Notes

Below are some general, random setting notes to get a better feel for the world/game.

General feel
The game is Imperial sci-fi. For those of you that can remember the books, it would be like the Foundation series by Asimov, except taking place after the fall of the empire. Humanity expanded into the stars, lost FTL technology for a few centuries, and over time, through wars, plagues, religions, etc, created little pocket empires. There’s the haves and the have-nots, divided up by the level of relative technology that exists in each planetary system.
How it plays
The game is set up for old-school, sandbox style. As a first level character, one gun shot wound and you’re dead, so pick your battles carefully. For information on this style of gameplay, check out A Quick Primer for Old School Gaming. It’s also set up more for “sandbox” play, meaning y’all will have to make decisions on what to do at any given point in time and which direction to take the game in.
Revolvers! Swords!
These are the most common weapons you will find for one reason: they’re obtainable/fixable virtually anywhere in the sector. More exotic/futuristic weapons are available, but keep in mind that the more futuristic the weapon or item, the more dependent you are on higher tech level worlds.
Out thinking opponents
Stars Without Number is very deadly. One good pistol shot and you can die. You live by being clever and outsmarting your opponents as much as possible. Ambush? Hell yeah. Reconnaissance? Almost certainly needed. Running away? A valid and necessary strategy. (Seriously… I’ve seen less deadly Call of Cthulhu games…)
Make a planet!
There are 26 systems in the sector, and I’ll be making them up as I go along, however many of the skeletal work has been taken care of (Tech Level, Atmosphere, etc.) Feel free to flesh them out using the rules in the book! Let’s make this a collaborative creation. Below are the known planetary systems according to common star maps. I’ve only fleshed out two of them, and named the third. Ask questions, and build away!

Known Planetary Systems


Sector Name
0109 Ishioka
0304 New Moscow
0501 Roma
0709 Tolan

* Blue represents independent systems not bound to any larger ruling body.

Main Factions

Below are the currently known factions in known space.

Lugdunum Triumvirate

Ryugasaki Dominion


Jharonda Republic

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